Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Trip to Salzburg and Munich

 photo 11Mirabellgarten_zps6c411c87.jpg

Last week, I went on holiday. First, I visited the Austrian city of Salzburg, for the second half I went to Munich in Germany. Here I met up with a friend of mine who lives there. I had a really lovely time with lots of history, culture and beautiful nature and it was really nice to spend time with my friend.
I want to share with you some of the best sites I saw, I hope you enjoy it!
Salzburg is a lovely small town at the edge of the Alps. Since the 8th century, Salzburg was the seat of the prince-archbishops and from the 14th until 1803 it was an independent territory. The city is famous for it's well-preserved baroque architecture, being the birthplace of Mozart and lastly, for being the setting of Sound of Music!

Day 1: I arrived in Salzburg after taking the night train from The Netherlands. I visited the beautiful Mirabellgarten (see above), one of the settings used in the Sound of Music.

 photo 4Sebastiansfriedhof_zps987830d3.jpg 

Sebastiansfriedhof, a cemetery with many baroque-era graves of rich Salzburg families.

 photo 43UitzichtKapuzinerberg_zps8cbbd6aa.jpg 

View over Salzburg and the surrounding mountains from the Kapuzinerberg, one of the two mountains hemming in Salzburg.

Day 2: Visited the rest of the Old City of Salzburg.
 photo 52Gstattengasse_zps55643104.jpg 
The Gstattengasse, one of the oldest streets in Salzburg is build unto the steep sites of the Mönchberg.

 photo 57Pferdeschwamme_zpsf914d2a1.jpg 
The Pferdenschwemme, a beautiful fountain with horses paintings from 1732.

 photo 77Kollegienkirche_zpsc763a25a.jpg 
Almost all of the churches I've visited during this holiday were built in baroque or rococo-style. Though I don't always love this style, I must admit the stucco above the main altar in the Kollegienkirche was quite magnificent.

 photo 131UitzichtvanafFestungsberg_zps03aff215.jpg 
View on the Old Town of Salzburg with it's many church spires and the river Salzach streaming through it.

 photo 142VanafKuenburgBastion_zps9126cc8c.jpg 

Festung Hohensalzburg, the castle towering above the city. This was absolutely one of the best places I visited this holiday. I love castles and this is a prime example with it's many towers and also richly decorated interior rooms.

Day 3: Schloss Hellbrunn and Wolfgang Lake

 photo 191WasserspieleHellbrunn_zps19560b11.jpg 
Schloss Hellbrunn, the 17th century summer palace of the prince-archbishops. In the garden there are many fountains and 'watergames'.

 photo 194SoundofMusicpavilioen_zpsfe745052.jpg 
In the grounds of Schloss Hellbrunn you can also find the famous gazebo from The Sound of Music, where Liesl sang the song '16 going on 17'

 photo 220Wolfgangsee_zps6075068e.jpg 
Lake Wolfgang, one of the stunningly beautiful lakes in the Saltzkammergut region to the east of Salzburg, where I took a boat ride.

 photo 234StWolfgang_zpsb268fadf.jpg 
The sweet town of St. Wolfgang at Lake Wolfgang with many typical Austrian streets.

Day 4: Seisenbergklamm

 photo 247Seisenbergklamm_zps1398f76e.jpg 
The Seisenbergklamm is a gorge near the small town of Weisbach. A tributary of the river Saalach squeezes through a narrow gap in the mountains.

 photo 250Seisenbergklamm_zpsed0e817e.jpg 
In some places, the gorge was really narrow! The sound of the rushing water echoing against the mountain sides was overwhelming!

 photo 262Hintertal_zps8d8ed3d4.jpg 
Hintertal, the beautiful valley you find at the end of the Seisenbergklamm.

Day 5: Schloss Nymphenburg
I went to Munich the evening of day 4 to go stay with a friend. Munich is the third largest town in Germany and capital of Bavaria. 

 photo 269SchlossNymphenburg_zps017b0015.jpg 
Schloss Nymphenburg is a summer palace of the Wittelsbach family, the rulers of Bavaria from the 12th century until 1918. Building was started in 1664.

 photo 282Schoumlnheitengalerie_zpse4ba2cab.jpg 
King Ludwig I had the Gallery of Beauties painted, a collection of 36 paintings of the most beautiful women of his acquaintance.
And next to a number of these beauties is... me!

 photo 305Amalienburg_zpsce2588b9.jpg 
In the enormous park of Schloss Nymphenburg, a number of so-called park-palaces can be found: extremely luxurious garden pavilions. The picture above shows Amalienburg, a hunting lodge in high rococo style.

 photo 318Badenburg_zps8ef82250.jpg 
One of the other park-palaces, Badenburg, has a very large tiled bath/swimming pool.

Day 6: Residenz

 photo 332AntiquariumResidenz_zps3bc30f26.jpg 
As it rained this day, my friend and I decided we needed to find an activity inside. We couldn't have chosen better than the Residenz, the city palace of the Wittelsbach family, where no less than 90 rooms were open for viewing! 

Above you see the Antiquarium, the largest Renaissance Hall North of the Alps. Along the sides a large collection of Greek and Roman antique sculptures are placed. 

 photo 352CharlottengangResidenz_zps9ed500c1.jpg 
Most of the rooms were decorated in baroque or rococo style, so it felt good to my gold-and-frills-weary eyes to see these more quiet Regency-style appartments in the Charlottengang.

 photo 370Cuvilieacutestheater_zps0dc86242.jpg 
The Cuvilliés Theatre, the former court theater of the Residenz. The theater was bombed during WWII, but the carved and gilded boxes had been dismantled and stored for safe-keeping

 photo 382FeldhernhalleResidenz_zpsdb213234.jpg
Odeonsplatz, with to the left the outside of the Residenz and to the right the large 19th century army monument the Feldhernhalle.

Day 7: City centre of Munich 
 photo 410UitzichtvanafStPeterskirche_zps3def9a4e.jpg 
View of the city centre of Munich from the tower of the St.Peter's church.

 photo 399NeueRathaus_zpsfa56bd6e.jpg 
The central city square, Marienplatz with the New City Hall. The column in the center, topped with a golden statue of the Virgin Mary, was erected in 1638 to celebrate the end of the Swedish occupation during the Thirty Year War.

 photo 417Buumlrgersaalkirche_zps29376036.jpg 
The Bürgersaalkirche, one of the many churches to visit and marvel at in Munich.

 photo 445Bogenhausen_zps0ff5c7bc.jpg 
A row of neoclassical and Jugendstil houses in the artist quarter, Bogenhausen.

Day 8: Dachau and Freising

 photo 452Dachau_zps839a96d4.jpg 
I visited the site and the museum of former concentration-camp Dachau, which was very impressive and sobering.

 photo 469Freising_zps7a523eb8.jpg 
The town of Freising, a cute little town close to Munich with a nice historical center.


  1. Wow! What an amazing opportunity. Thanks for sharing pics -- they're so cool. I'm very amused by the idea of a "Gallery of Beauties" because it reminds me of the files of pictures of handsome men that take up a considerable amount of room on our computer ;-)

    1. Thanks, Hamlette, glad to hear you liked it! I've been sharing holiday pics for a few years now on my LiveJournal, so I thought; why not on my Blogger as well?

      Hehe, you're so right about the Gallery of Beauties. We should frame our pictures and hang them on our walls!

    2. I actually do have some framed pictures on my walls of my "idols." Up in my bedroom, there's a little gallery of characters from my favorite TV show :-) And I've got John Wayne, Bobby Darin, Jimmy Stewart, and Clint Walker pictures in my living room. And the Richard Burton and Jude Law ones I posted on my blog earlier.

    3. That's great! When I was a teenager, I had quite some posters of my favourites on the walls (though they were still outnumbered by posters of horses ;-) )