Sunday, 17 April 2016

Television review: Galavant season 2

In this surprising second season of the adventure comedy Galavant, Isabella is engaged against her will to her eleven-year old cousin, Galavant is trying to find an army to free her and Richard the former king of Valencia is trying to find a new role for himself while his wife Madelena and former best friend Gareth rule his kingdom.

How to describe Galavant? It's clear this is one-of-a-kind show. Not a period drama persé, but an adventure vaguely set in Medieval times with romance, singing and a lot of laughs. After thoroughly enjoying the first season of the show, I was so happy it was renewed for a second run, even though the viewing figures were not that great for such an expensive show. And really, this second season was even better than the first in my opinion, more creative and with unexpected plot-changes.