Monday, 23 June 2014

Middlemarch watch-along: episode 6

Here we are at the one-to-last episode of Middlemarch!

Last episode, we left Lydgate and Rosie in a very unhappy place and it doesn't get any better this episode. Lydgate tries to explain to Rosie they will have to live less luxurious, but Rosamund doesn't want to listen to him or help him. Meanwhile, she's visited by Ladislaw (who apparently is still hanging around Middlemarch). She airily talks about Casoubon's will and Dorothea's situation, without realizing Ladislaw knew nothing about this part of his relative's will. Ladislaw is mortified and when he meets Dorothea by accident, he tells her he will leave Middlemarch and never come back, because she is forbidden to him.

You're telling me whát?!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Book review: The other side of the bridge

Ava Lancet has lost her baby and her job and is not sure her marriage can ever be repaired again. Then she hears she has inherited a house in a small Greek village which belonged to her grandmother. On an impulse, Ava moves to Greece to live in the house. The house is severely dilapidated and Ava starts to doubt her decision. But she is warmly welcomed into the village and slowly builds something of a life for herself there, including the handsome widower Andreas Lethikos. When an old woman mistakes Ava for her grandmother, she dives into stories from Greece in WWII to discover her grandmother Sophia's remarkable story.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Middlemarch watch-along: episode 5

When putting in the second dvd of my Middlemarch box to watch this episode I discovered that my series dóes have 7 episodes and not 6 as I thought. Well, that solves the problem of the different episode beginnings and ends between my version and the version of some of you commenters. So, just so you know, there will be two more watch-along posts coming!

Now, back to Middlemarch, where Mr. Brooke is trying to get votes for his election as local MP. He doesn't succeed so well however and is even bombarded with eggs. I felt quite sorry for him, after all, he's not a bad guy. Just incompetent.... Brooke seems to realize this himself as well and withdraws from the election and decides to live abroad for a while. He also sells his newspaper. This is bad news for Ladislaw, who works there as an editor and now has to go look for a new job.

I wonder what is taking the pizza-delivery guy so long

Monday, 9 June 2014

Season finales 2014

The series I regularly follow have all finished for this year and I wanted to give my quick thought about the following season finales: Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Elementary and The Good Wife
Be warned, there are spoilers about the last episodes of the mentioned seasons under the cut!

And now it's time for some summer viewing! I have already started with some short period drama series I didn't get to watch when they aired, but I also want to try something new contemporary. I'm thinking of trying out either Arrow or Revolution. Have any of you watched one of these series and what did you think about it? Or should I watch something else entirely?

Grey's Anatomy season 10

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Trip to Brussels

Two weeks ago, I went for a short trip to the Belgian capital of Brussels. Even though it's quite close to home (less than 3 hours by train), it was still very different (language, architecture, culture etc), so I really felt like I was away from everyday life and I totally enjoyed it!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Middlemarch watch-along: episode 4

This was a very Dorothea and Casoubon-heavy episode of Middlemarch.

The animosity between Ladislaw and Casoubon increases when Ladislaw accepts a job at Mr.Brooke's newspaper. Casoubon thinks a job as a newspaper editor will reflect badly on his status and tells Ladislaw he is not to visit them anymore, without telling Dorothea about it. Dorothea does not find out until she meets Ladislaw at her uncle's home. Ladislaw sees right through Dorothea's pretend happiness. 

Oh dear, those 1830's hairstyles....