Saturday, 9 January 2016

Period Drama Challenge

Old-Fashioned Charm

Look at this: Miss Laurie from Old-Fashioned Charm is organizing a Period Drama Challenge again, like she did in 2013! The challenge is given to inspire people to review the period dramas they watch and I'm going to join. I'm choosing the level Period Drama Lover, which means I plan to review 8 productions between now and July 2nd.

I'm watching Poldark at the moment (and loving it so far!), when I finish that (and review ofcourse), I have some other period dramas on my TBW (to be watched) list:

Indian Summers (1930's, Channel 4)
Home Fires (WWII, BBC)
ANZAC girls (WWI, Australian production)
Passing Bells (WWI, BBC)
When Calls the Heart series 2 (1910s, Hallmark)

The red baron (WWI)
The Monuments Men (WWII)
Summer in February (Edwardian)
Red Tails (WWII)
Brooklyn (1950s)
Belle (Georgian)

What do you think of my list? Are there any you've already seen and you would suggest me to watch ASAP? Do you have other suggestions?

Maybe some of you would like to join as well? Then click the banner, which will bring you to Miss Laurie's blog!


  1. Monuments Men is WONDERFUL!!!!! I love it very much.

    Belle is on my TBW list too, and I'm also hoping to watch and review it for this -- we'll see.

  2. Poldark IS amazing. Monuments Men fun and Belle gorgeous! :)