Saturday, 9 August 2014


I've been seeing a number of pretty interesting trailers recently for, mostly, period movies. I thought I'd share them with you!

The imitation game: This reminds me quite strongly of Enigma, one of my favourite WWII movies. On the one hand, why make another movie about the Bletchley codebreakers? On the other hand, it's a fascinating subject and this one seems to be based more on true historical events. Besides, it stars the-one-and-only Benedict Cumberbatch and also Matthew Goode (one of my personal favourites!), Allen Leech and Keira Knightley. 

Testament of youth: The coming few years there are no doubt going to be a lot of movies made about WWI because of the centenary. I think this is going to be a very good one. It's based on the famous memoirs of Vera Brittain and from the trailer it looks like it's beautifully made and with some great young actors. 

A promise: I'm not totally sure about this one. I love the time period and Rebecca Hall is amazing, but the storyline.... I'll wait for the reviews and then decide.

The 100 foot journey: This one is not a period drama, but seems like a simple and uplifting story, the kind of movie which is not made too often these days. Plus, it's got Helen Mirren!

The Great Fire: ITV is going to tackle an untold episode of British history with a min-series. And look, it's starring Andrew Buchan (yay, I missed him!) and Rose Leslie. 

The Quest: I hardly ever watch reality shows. But this one... Well, it might be very cheesy or turn soapy very soon, but I'll still keep an eye on it. Because really, don't we all want to be get the chance to be in a fantasy story?

What do you think of these trailers? Or you looking forward to any of these productions?


  1. Oooh the imitation game looks good! :D

  2. Wow. The imitation game looks sensational - and that cast?!? Yes, please.

    I saw the trailer for Helen Mirren's new film a while back, it does look really fun. :)

    Thanks for sharing these, Birdie.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rissi! It's fun to share your excitement over new movies with the blogging world!

  3. Great movie trailers you posted here! I chuckled when I watched the trailers for Testament of Youth and The Promise back-to-back just because Kit Harrington and Richard Madden both have period drama films coming out! =D But I agree with you, the cast for The Promise looks great but I'm not sure of the has promise (pun intended?)

    I saw the trailer for The Imitation Game some time ago and the cast is phenomenal. Looking forward to it too :)

    1. These GoT actors are really going their way right?