Sunday, 26 January 2014

Why I'm done with BBC's Sherlock

With the recent airing of Sherlock's third series on the BBC and now it's run on USA television, my Blogger and LJ reading lists are filled with posts about this show. All of them positive, raving reviews and recaps, stating how the show is better than ever and how wonderful the characters are.

I can't write such a post. Yes, I did watch series 3 of Sherlock and I did enjoy the previous series (never was on my top favourite list of tv-series though). Yes, I do think Sherlock is made extremely well storywise and with regard to cinematography. And yes, I do think the acting is phenomenal. Still, series 3 has made me realize I don't really like Sherlock anymore and I most likely will not spend time on any further series*.

Might contain slight SPOILERS for series 3!
Why, do you ask? Well, because I don't like this series' Sherlock. I know, maybe Sherlock Holmes is not a character you should really 'like', more begrudgingly admire for his mind. And I know I shouldn't want to 'make' Sherlock adhere to societal mores, because then he wouldn't be the unique person he is anymore. I've read quite some blog posts this week where people claim Sherlock has gotten much nicer in series 3 and is showing more of his heart. Maybe I judge too harsh, but I don't see it. Yes, Sherlock claims he loves John in his best-man speech. But to me these are just words as he is also still willfully cruel. Like when he made John believe they were going to die in The Empty Hearse just to make John forgive him. Like when he began a relationship with Janine in His Last Vow, just to get to a suspect. These are things that, no matter how much Sherlock is a special person, are just nasty and I can't possibly admire a main character of a tv show who does these things.

I don't want to make this an Elementary vs. Sherlock post, I just want to point out that I think Elementary's Sherlock Holmes is a good 'compromise' between being a socially-inept person and being a good man inside. Elementary's Sherlock may be blunt and rude and totally misunderstand social clues, but he's never willfully cruel (at least not since the second half of season 1). I like watching Elementary's Sherlock and Joan together, because between them I see real friendship. Friendship that challenges and changes both of them. Again, maybe I judge too harshly, but I don't see that as much as I would like in BBC's Sherlock

I'm sure many of you won't agree with me and I welcome your comments and a friendly discussion! I just wanted to get my 'two cents worth' in the Sherlock mania currently going on in the blogosphere!

* I also really don't like who/what Mary turned out to be and that they are bringing a certain character I loathe back for series 4, other reasons I don't think I'll watch this series. 


  1. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this new season of Sherlock, Birdie! I know he comes off as overly harsh. But one thing to remember is that he's doing the best that he can. His personality type doesn't allow for a lot of change. He is who he is, and changing him is really hard. For him to reach some of the conclusions that he's reached, for him to admit what a jerk he is, for him to try caring about Molly after he'd been so mean to her in prior seasons, all are signs that he's growing. It is a slow growth, to be sure, but it is there.

    But don't worry. I shan't be raging against you for not liking the show anymore. I feel the same about Downton Abbey which everybody loves for some reason totally beyond my comprehension! ;)

    1. I expected a disagreeing comment from you, Carissa, having read your post about Sherlock! ;)

      I do admit there were also good things about Sherlock's characterization in this new series, but all in all the bad things stood out for me and annoyed me.

      Hehe, I am among the people who still love Downton, but I can certainly get where you're coming from with your criticism for that show!

    2. I wish, really wish, that I understood the love fans have for Downton. I love parts of it, like Branson in this season, but the suffering of poor Anna and Bates was totally unnecessary. I was so ticked at Fellowes for that twist!

      Still, it gives me something to do with my Mom on Sunday night. It's fun watching it with her, doing something together.

      But, my comment wasn't too disagreeing! I was good and not at all upset! What you like or don't like is totally up to you. For whatever reason, Sherlock really spoke to me this season, but I know folks that haven't liked it, and that's totally fine. :)

    3. No, you were most kind in your comment! ;)

      Hehe, I also watch Downton with my mum. Well, I usually watch it on my own on the British schedule and then I rewatch it with my mum later when it airs on Dutch TV.