Monday, 18 November 2013

My bookshelf link-up

Multiple people on the blogs I follow have been doing this link-up in the last few day: What's on your bookshelf? by Modern Mrs. Darcy
Now I dearly love to read books, but I also like to look at them, so I love these kind of things!

This is my single bookcase. As you can see, it's getting rather full. Might be time for a second one in not too long a time!

The top shelf is reserved for the Classics: Tolkien, Austen, Dickens etc. I love my 7-part Lord of the Rings set, the separate volumes have a perfect reading size!

On this second shelf are my works of Christian fiction and some of the general ones. There are a few books on this shelf I've not yet read: I was Alice by Melanie Benjamin and Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth (the book on which the popular BBC series was based!)

The third shelf contains the rest of my works of fiction, including my collection of Jasper Fforde's! (Plus some autumn material from the forest!)

This shelf contains some children's books, gift books and my collection of inspirational non-fictional works.

The bottom shelf has the rest of my non-fictional work; some travel guides, a number of my study books and works on interesting historical subjects.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my book collection! Will you be participating in this link-up as well?


  1. Fun! I've not seen this link-up but it's a neat idea. :)

  2. I second Rissi's comment, it's a great idea ;) You've got some awesome titles on your shelves =D I wish I was able to see half the books on my shelf still (my books are slowly starting to take over my writing desk, which is not a good sign, lol)

    Btw, hope all is well with you! =)

    - Lianne @

    1. Hello Li, how nice to 'see' you here! I'm very well, thank you! Ridiculously busy with work, so more than 1-2 posts a week here (and on LJ) is not happening right now.... Luckily I have my commute, that at least gives me some time to read!