Sunday, 2 October 2016

Television review: Legends of Tomorrow season 1

Time master Rip Hunter travels back from the future to the 21st century to assemble a team of heroes and villains. He wants them to help him destroy the immortal dictator Vandal Savage, who took over the world and killed his family in the time where Rip came from. However, the team members don't easily work together and the group is hunted by the Time Masters, who believe they are destroying the time line.

Yes, I know, it's almost time for season 2 of this show and I'm just now writing a review about season 1! It wasn't until Arrow season 4 ended last spring and I was looking for another 'actiony' show to watch, that I decided upon Legends of Tomorrow. The trailer made it look like a lot of fun and of course there were the familiar faces from Arrow, such as Sara and Ray. And I definitely wasn't dissapointed, I really liked this new 'branch' of the Arrowverse and ripped through it in just a few weeks!

First of all, this show is just plain fun! It's less dark than Arrow and there's quite a lot of humor. Many of the characters have great chemistry together, leading to a lot of laughable moments: from the bumbling of Ray to the dry wit of Snart and the British humor of Rip, I sniggered quite a lot watching this series. Let's also not forget Gideon, the 'voice' of the spaceship Waverider, who has a bit of a mind of her own. Then there's the time travel aspect, leading to a great variety of episodes, taking place in for example the '70s and the Wild West. The combination of time travel with the superheroes made for a really fresh and unique show, in my opinion.

I already mentioned the characters and what a great group of them this show has! I found myself quickly coming to love all of them, and I really couldn't say which one is my favourite! I already loved Ray Palmer in Arrow, so I was really happy to see him getting a bigger role in Legends and coming into his own, so to say (Just, give the poor guy a break when it comes to his love life!). The same goes for Sara, who's character development in this series I really liked. She also had interesting relatiionships with many of the other characters, such as Rip, Martin and Snart. It was really nice to have an older superhero character like Dr. Martin Stein, through whom we could see another perspective of the adventures and mission. Last, but not least, I though Arthur Darvill was great as Rip Hunter. It was fun to have a British character in a superhero show and fun to see Arthur play another time travelling adventurer after playing Rory on Doctor Who!

After all this gushing, a little bit of critisism. I didn't really like the main villain; Vandal Savage. I thought he was kind-of a cardboard cutout villain and therefore, not terribly interesting. In a way, this critisism applied to the whole storyline of defeating Savage, which I found rather 'meh'. So, while this show has a great premise, world building and group of characters, the storytelling could definitely grow. I hope to see more interesting and unique storylines in the next season. Luckily, I don't have to wait very long for that!

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