Monday, 9 June 2014

Season finales 2014

The series I regularly follow have all finished for this year and I wanted to give my quick thought about the following season finales: Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Elementary and The Good Wife
Be warned, there are spoilers about the last episodes of the mentioned seasons under the cut!

And now it's time for some summer viewing! I have already started with some short period drama series I didn't get to watch when they aired, but I also want to try something new contemporary. I'm thinking of trying out either Arrow or Revolution. Have any of you watched one of these series and what did you think about it? Or should I watch something else entirely?

Grey's Anatomy season 10

A big emergency situation in Seattle, it must be time for the Grey's Anatomy season finale ;-) I must admit, I found the emergency situation itself a bit underwhelming this year. It was over so quickly, almost before the stress really started. Anyway, there were more than enough other things going on. I thought Christina's farewell was done very well, this episode was a true homage to her character and to the amazing Meredith/Christina friendship. Though Christina was never my favourite character, I will miss her snarkiness in Grey's and her unique relationships with all the other characters. But I think with Derek's sister Amy we've got a really great new character (not a replacement of Christina of course, but I just like Amy in general). For the rest, there were so many surprises in the last 5 minutes of the episode: the new head of Cardio is Meredith's half-sister? Not a big fan of that plot-line at first sight, but I'm reserving my judgement. And the Meredith/Derek situation? That's mighty explosive and I can't wait to see what they will do with that in the next season.

Once Upon a Time season 3
Storywise, this was a strange finale, because the big villain, Zelena, had already been defeated in the previous episode. It was in a way a story all to itself. But I didn't mind that, because what a great story! I loved that it took place in Fairytale Land for the most part (there comes my inner period drama geek, I prefer the Fairytale Land parts to the Storybrook parts!), I loved that Emma got to navigate her 'home' country and be a princess. I didn't think reliving Snow and Charming's romance was boring, as some reviewers have said, because more than enough was going on to keep me entertained, plus, reliving part of the immensely complex backstory of this series is never a bad thing for the memory! As to the romances, I was really happy to see Emma finally giving in to Hook. I think they work well together and I think he really deserved that kiss for all that he did! However, I didn't like Belle and Rumpel's wedding one bit. Even aside from Belle's totally unflattering wedding outfit, Rumple is such a lying creep. He really hasn't changed much in the series, he always keeps two faces and I begin to get tired of that. And I was so so sad about Robin and Regina. Their unfolding romance was my favourite part of season 3 part 2. Now it's time for me to watch Frozen in preparation for season 4!

Elementary season 2What a sad ending... Mycroft 'dead', Joan moving out, Sherlock making a drastic decision to work for MI6. I really don't know what to expect from season 3, but the dynamic between Sherlock and Joan, which is the heart of this show, will surely be different for a while. I'm really afraid Sherlock will relapse and I really hope they won't go that route. I wasn't really too fond of the finale itself. I thought the storyline with Mycroft had become too complex and the crime solving was not really top-notch in the episode. I also missed Captain Gregson and Detective Bell. That said, I do think both Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller acted their socks of in the emotional scenes.

The Good Wife season 5
Last year in my 'Season finales' post I said I was getting tired of The Good Wife and that I might stop watching. Well, I didn't, as you might guess, but I feel the same way again trying to write about this finale. There's no doubt this is a high quality tv series, with great acting, but I can't connect to the characters anymore. It's always about some legal shenanigans, often to try and destroy another firm. Is the legal world really that way? There are some wonderful characters in The Good Wife, but where is their development, why do some storylines drag on so much? Kalinda and Carry are still in the same place as season 3. Will has died, but (after some heartbreaking, but beautifully made episodes) has this really affected Alicia in the long run? Eli ran into the woman he loved one episode and then she just disappeared? I think, reading what I just wrote, that I should give this show up, but if Matthew Goode remains in the series next season, I might just give it one last chance, I really liked his character!


  1. Curious about the direction 'Once' is going considering all I've read. It sounds good, and promises some new, fantastical twists and turns.

    Much as Elementary seems to be an emotional wreck (from what I've read), I think things will work out, or if it follows the usual pattern of shows, it will. *fingers crossed* for The Good Wife, still have to watch the last couple seasons so it'll be a while before I get to the season that just ended, but it seems like killing off Will was a big risk. Or maybe, it'll be just as good.

    1. 'Once' is all about the twists and turns! Sometimes I feel sorry for the characters and wish they could just have a few episodes of quiet and dealing with only everyday problems!