Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reading challenges 2014

You guys have 'infected' me... I'm going to submit to some reading challenges for the first time this year!

 photo MountTBR2014_zps1451653c.jpg

The goal of the Mount TBR Reading Challenge, hosted by My Reader's Block is to read as many books as possible which you already owned before 2014. As I currently have 16 physical unread books and 13 unread books on my Kindle, I hope to make a good dent in this numbers with the Mount TBR Challenge. My goal is somewhere between Mount Blanc (24 books) and Mt. Vancouver (36)!

 photo WhatCountriesHaveIVisited2014_zps109e47e3.jpg

Christian Novels hosts the What Countries Have I Visited  reading challenge. The goal is to visit as many countries  possible through your reading. I love visiting new places through my reading, so this challenge is right up my alley! My goal is the level Vacationer, for which I have to visit 10 countries.

I never really dove into the works of Shakespeare, so why not give this a try in 2014. The Shakespeare reading challenge is hosted by Lianne at Because this is my first foray into Shakespearean literature, my goal is (only) 3 of his works.

 photo classics2014_zps99c5eecf.jpg

I've been reading a few classics every year, but I don't mind being challenged to expand my classic reading and maybe discover some new authors or time periods. The Back To The Classics challenge at Books and Chocolate has no levels, but there are certain categories to fulfill. My goal is to fill all 10 of them!


1. A 20th century classic
2. A 19th century classic
3. A classic by a woman author
4. A classic in translation
5. A classic about war
6. A classic by an author who is new to you

Optional categories:
7. An American classic
8. A classic mystery, suspense or thriller
9. A historical fiction classic (Any classic set at least 50 years before the time it was written)
10. A classic that has been adapted into a movie or tv series


  1. So exciting! I'm doing Mount TBR too, and already working on my first book for it. I was tempted to do Back to the Classics too, and that Shakespeare challenge looks very enticing, but I think I have enough on my plate right now. Maybe next year!

    Good luck!

    1. Yes, I found the Mount TBR challenge through your blog actually! Oh, and I also used the same counting thingies you use. I'm not trying to be you, really, I'm not ;-)

    2. Lol -- I learned about all 4 of the challenges I'm doing (counting the Classics Club) from one person. She's doing three of them, and told me about the other one. So don't worry about copying! I'll just assume it means we both have good taste :-D Besides, you can't tell yet, but my little counting bars are red inside, not brown. So not identical!

    3. How do you guys do the counting bars anyway? They're fun and attractive; I want them! :)

    4. The one that I use (and Hamlette also, I believe) can be found here:

  2. Thanks for joining the What Countries Have I Visited Challenge! I hope you are able to make your goal!

  3. Welcome to the 2014 Mount TBR! Good luck!