Friday, 13 September 2013

Movie review: The Decoy Bride (2011)

I love romcoms, they're a great way to relax and often movies that simply bring a smile to your face. But I'm the first to admit that with many romcoms the story feels like a dime a dozen. So imagine my joy at discovering this gem of a British romcom, which is all the things a romcom should be, but to top it off, feels fresh and unique!

Thirty-something Katie (Kelly MacDonald) has just gone back to living with her mother on the tiny Scottish island of Hegg after another failed relationship. To make matters worse, it appears she's the only woman on the island left unmarried. Then Hegg, where nothing ever happens is chosen as the wedding location of Hollywood actress Lara Tyler and her British author fiancee James Arber (David Tennant) so as to escape from the paparazzi.  James first (and only!) bestseller novel takes place on Hegg, but as he's never actually been there, it details little of accuracy. When the paparazzi do turn up, Katie is hired as a reluctant decoy bride to distract the journalists. In a mix-up, she and James end up legally married and have to scour the island for a priest to get a divorce.

It is always a joy to see David Tennant (my personal favourite Doctor!) act. In The Decoy Bride he gets to be funny and quirky, two things he excels at! And don't forget the romance portion of this movie, David Tennant has an excellent 'longing-romantic-stare' which he gets to use a few times. In short, I really think David Tennant should do more romcoms if they are as cute as The Decoy Bride! Kelly MacDonald is excellent as the 'girl next door' with a charming accent and great comedic timing. Tennant and her have excellent chemistry making all their scenes together a joy to watch. Then there's Alice Eve as Lara Tyler, the Hollywood star who's more than she seems at first in an interesting side-plot.

The location of the movie is an added bonus. 'Hegg' (the movie was actually shot on the Island of Man) offers some great shots of beaches, windswept rocks and isolated cottages. The ending of The Decoy Bride was just perfect for the genre; a sweet scene you want to watch over and over again. Last, but certainly not least, this movie is clean. Apart from a few British minor profanities, there's absolutely no crude language or scenes,  a reassuring sign that funny movies can still be made without resorting to less than wholesome humor! The only minor quibble I could mention about The Decoy Bride are the secondary characters, who feel a little stale and whose stories are mediocre compared to the wonderful main story line.

In short, The Decoy Bride is a great suggestion for your next all-girls movie night or just a regular evening curled on the sofa by yourself.


  1. Nifty! I'd never heard of this, but I'll have to see if I can find it. Sounds cute! I do like David Tennant, especially as Hamlet.

    1. Do try and find it! I think David Tennant must be quite the actor if he can play such different roles as a romcom-lead and Hamlet!